Pathetic Potato Production

Hi, I’m back at the end of a rather allergenic weekend, perhaps with some alliteration for the win? It certainly wasn’t my potato growing for the win. :( Picture forthcoming later in the week, maybe on Wednesday, but suffice it to say that my yield could fit in my 2 cup Pyrex measuring cup. Maybe 1 cup, even.

What went wrong? Well, I have a theory that I over-watered early on. That can cause rot and that in turn can cause poor yield. The plants themselves were healthy for most of that time, but they sure didn’t make many taters.

However, I will continue undaunted because believe it or not, it’s hard to daunt me. I have a plan for the unfinished back of the basement that includes more seed potatoes, the same garbage can, and some soil. It gets cold back there in the winter, so I’m not entirely sure of what I’ll be able to do. But no one ever learned by staying in their comfort zone, right?

Potatoes aren’t the only thing going back there either, and we’ll have to see how the other things do as well.

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  1. Trase says:

    Our garden got so overgrown this year, I haven’t even looked at what our potatoes did. :( I’m in fear, to be honest. But, like you, I will try again!

    I got a call yesterday from Seed Savers Exchange – my garlic that I ordered in the spring (and subsequently forgot about!) is shipping today or tomorrow – so we have to figure out where we’re going to plant that this weekend. Hopefully that is more easily managed!

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